U are Vulnerable

Darryl Wilson & Associates wants to remind you that ‘U are Vulnerable’ to harmful UV rays and so it is important that you always protect your eyes by wearing UV protective lenses.

You may be aware of the dangers of UV exposure to your skin, but are you aware that your eyes are vulnerable to UV damage anytime of the day, anytime of the year?

Short bursts of unprotected UV exposure can lead to eye pain, irritation and sensitivity to light, but accumulated UV exposure to your eyes can lead to serious problems including cataracts, macular degeneration (a leading cause of blindness), pterygium (a fleshy growth on the eye), solar keratopathy, and skin cancer of the eyelids and around the eyes. All UV eye exposure, regardless of how short, adds up in the long term.

Talk to us about finding the right protection for you and your family this summer. Sunglasses don’t need to be expensive – as long as they fit well and meet Australian Standards or are marked EPF (Eye Protection Factor) 9 or 10, your eyes will be protected.

Make UV eye protection part of your everyday routine, even on days when you feel the sun’s rays may be less harmful.

Tips to avoid UV damage

1. Your eyes are always vulnerable to UV damage but we encourage you to be especially careful between 10am – 3pm when UV levels reach their peak.
2. Reduce UV exposure as much as possible
3. Wear a broad‐brimmed hat. It can reduce the amount of UV reaching your eyes by 50 per cent.
4. For sport, consider durable, glare reduction sunglasses or UV protective contact lenses.
5. Sunglasses should have a bridge sitting as close to the eyes as possible without touching your eyelashes and should offer side protection.
6. Always use UV protective lenses in combination with other UV protection measures such as remaining in the shade, wearing a hat and sunscreen.