FREE Second Pair of Glasses for Kids

We all want children to be their best and having SUPERVISION will give them the start they need.  Did you know that vision is responsible for 80% of all learning in a child’s first 12 years.

Poor vision can interfere with your child’s ability to learn and meet their full potential, yet often goes unnoticed.

That’s why it’s important for children to have an eye test before they start school and every two years thereafter.

So help them be their best and book them in for an eye test.

It may be the most important thing you do for them this year!

Darryl Wilson is excited to introduce the ‘Kids See Free on a Second Pair’ offer so you don’t have to worry about lost or forgotten glasses again.

Receive a free second pair* of Spinach frames and stock single vision lenses with an initial complete eyewear purchase over $250.

*Conditions Apply

For more information please contact Darryl Wilson & Associates.